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Kobra Afnai suffered so much from the tender age of 8. In this interview she talks about her father Mr. Mir Parviz Afnani, and her brother Mr. Khosrow Afnani, who were both tragically killed in 1978 because of their Faith.

When Kobra grew up and had her own children, she couldn't bear witnessing them going through the same trouble and persecution that she did. They decided to go to Canada and settle there.

In this interview, Azadeh talks about her father, Dr. Khosro Mohandesi who worked at Tehran University. He was later fired from his job because of his Faith
Mr. Mohandesi who was a member of the Spiritual Assembly of Yousefabad was arrested with 6 other Baha'is on 3ed November 1981.

Dr. Khosro Mohandesi was martyred on 4th january 1982 in Evin prison.

In this interview, Susan talks about her father, Mr. Habib Mohtadi. Both Susan's parents were very keen that their three children receive the best education possible. They all ended up in the United States. Mr. Mohtadi stayed behind with his sister in Iran and was later arrested and imprisoned. While in prison , he was asked several times to deny his Faith which he rejected.

He was set free after more than 5 years. On 27 August 1986, Mr. Habib Mohtadi was shot as he was walking in the streets of Tehran.

In this interview, Mojdeh talks about the life of her beloved father, Mr. Eskandar Azizi. He was an agricultural engineer and had a degree in French literature. His family encouraged him to leave Iran while there was still time. But he believed That leaving Iran at such a crucial and sensitive time, where he was so much needed, would be shameful.

Mr Esksndar Azizi was executed on the 4th January 1982 in Evin prison

In this interview, Shahab, son of Mr. Mohammad Mansuri, speaks of his tragic life. loosing his mother to a terrible car accident and later having his father martyred by the Iranian Regim and after that passing of his 9 year old brother.

Mr. Mohammad Mansuri was a member of Spiritual Assembly of Qazvin, as well as a member of the pioneering regional committee.

On July 9th, 1982, Mr. Mohammad Mansuri with 3 other baha'is were taken out of the city, tied up to a tree and shot.

In their interviews Parvin and Ruhollah went through turmoil one after another. The children were tormented at school and both of them lost their jobs because they were Baha'is. The family escaped with so much hardship on their way out through mountains.