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This was an exiting interview for us. Mr Sattarzadeh was very thourough in his retelling of historical events concerning Bahai community during and after the revoultion in and around Azarbaijan (North of iran).

Very little is known about the conditions endured by Bahá’ís in Iranian prisons leading up to the moments when they were executed by the Islamic regime. Thankfully, Riaz Sana, who was in Evin prison for five months, got to see and talk with many of those before they were executed. His memories of these brave people’s last moments is an historical gem.

Roshan is the sister of Rahim Rahimian. In this interview, she not only tells the heart-wrenching story of her brother, but her own horrifying escape from Iran.
Rahim Rahimian was executed on April 9th, 1984.

Shiva is the sister of Shidrokh Amirkia Bagha who was killed merely for hosting a meeting for the Bahá’í assembly. In this interview, she this tragic story from her perspective.
Shidrokh Amirkia Bagha was executed on January 4th, 1982, in Tehran

Dr. Sina Hakiman spent almost six years in prison for no other reason than being
Bahá’í. In this interview he talks the ordeal both he and his father endured while in prison together. Dr. Hakiman also describes the execution of his uncles, Jalal Hakiman and Rahmatollah Hakiman, after suffering horrific torture.

Jamshid’s father, Ismael Zehtab Jadid, was a member of the Bahá’í Tabriz Spiritual Assembly. Jamshid, who was not in Iran at the time, heard the devastating news of his father’s execution through a radio news bulletin. Ismael Zehtab Jadid was executed on July 29th, 1981.