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Mr. Missaghi, who was involved in the BIHE (Bahá’í Institute for Higher Education) from the very beginning, gives us a detailed account of how this amazing institute came to be.

Dr. Tahereh Berjis was one among a very few scholars who were part of the team who started the BIHE (Bahá’í Institute for Higher Education) in Iran. This interview sheds a very bright light on this amazing accomplishment of the Bahá’í community in Iran.

In this interview, Dr. Tahereh Berjis tells, in great detail, about the horrifying history of his uncle, Dr. Soleiman Berjis, who was murdered in Kashan, Iran, during the reign of Shah Pahlavi.

As a young Bahá’í growing up under Islamic rule, Nizamid-Din’s story is definitely worth listening to. Now an accomplished doctor practicing in Arizona, he himself is a defiant testament to the failure of Islamic Republic in dismantling and wiping out the Bahá’í community.

In this interview, Dr. Noushin talks about her beloved father, Azizollah Golshani, who was captured and imprisoned under dreadful circumstances. Azizollah was finally sent to his death by firing squad, on April 29, 1982.

Mr. Parsa paints a very clear image of his arrest an imprisonment after the revolution of 1979. In this interview he talks about his memories from other Bahai martyres he met while in prison.