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In this interview, Mehraeen talks with amazing spiritual strength, about her husband Mr. Farhang Mavaddat , a chemist, who worked in sugar factory. As the chairman of LSA of Karaj, Mr. Motahedin, together with some other members, including Mehraeen were arrested. Mehraeen was later freed on bail. After great ordeal she escaped Iran, met her children in Haifa and later made her home in Canada.
Mr. Farhang Motahedin was executed on 22nd June 1981.

In this interview Farsheed gives a moving account of his father, Mr Fathollah Ferdowsi, with a delightful expression of love and loyalty that is so rare and unique.
Mr. Fathollah Ferdowsi was hanged on January 4th, 1982 in Tehran Evin prison.

Mrs Amtis Lohrasbi's husband, Mr Mahmood Lohrasbi's trial was the only court that was broadcast over loudspeakers to the public in the streets outside the court. Many people were astound by the eloquent and convincing defense Mr. Lohrasbi gave the court. The following day the prosecutor refused to sign the prepared letter of the cleric, asking for his execution.

In this interview Mr Faryab Lohrasbi tells amazing stories of how his grand fathers become Baha'is. His father, Mr. Mahmood Lohrasbi was probably one of the first Baha'is who was arrested and put into prison. through some miraculously turn of event, he was able to take his whole family and leave Iran.

Faran is the son of a prominent businessman in Iran, Mr. Fathollah Ferdowsi. One night, when his father was late for dinner, the worried Faran went to look for him in his office, only to be arrested and taken to jail, where he finds his father, and other members of the Tehran Assembly. Faran manages to get out after few days but what he witnessed in those few days are unquestionably worth listening to. A few short month later, on January 4, 1982, Fathollah Ferdowsi was executed.

As a young newlywed, it was very hard for Talieh to have both her husband and her father-in-law suddenly disappear without a trace. In this interview, she tell their saga from her perspective from outside the prison as her husband, father-in-law, and many other members of the Bahá’i assembly in Tehran were tortured in a most sadistic and humiliating fashion.