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In this interview, Parvin talks about her first hand account of what her husband Mr. Rahmatollah Hakiman has experienced while in prison. This is a very telling story about the treatment of these innocent individuals in the Islamic republic's prisons. Mr. Rahmatollah Hakiman was killed under torture on January 5, 1984 in Kerman.

Niknaz is a success story. After graduating from BIHE University in Iran, Niknaz was accepted to do Master degree in Architecture in Berkeley. She is proud of her professors who have stayed behind and suffered imprisonment. She is now herself teaching BIHE students on line.

In this interview, Mansour Taeed tells a disturbing story of how his family's belongings, properties and retirement salaries were confiscated during the revolution.
Mansour also talks about his astonishment at the silence of his fellow citizens regarding the persecution of the Baha'is in Iran. However, positive actions are coming from the intellectuals, both inside and outside Iran, which are heart warming and exciting.

Mr. Sobhani was fired from his work as a chemist in a drug company. And soon after few month, both his children were expelled from school. He was later arrested and taken to prison where he was given death sentence for refusing to recant his faith. Miraculously, he was spared but what he witnessed while in prison is story to hear.

In this interview, Parvin gives first account of her husband's fate in the hands of the Islamic regime. Mr. Rahmatollah Vafaei was the chairman of the LSA of Marvdasht who was taken into custody with few other Bahai's for the mere love of serving the people and dedication to his faith.
Mr. Rahmatollah Vafaei was hanged in Shiraz on March 3rd, 1983.

In this interview, Vahid talks about his father Mr. Rahmatollah Vafaei, a member of LSA of Marvdasht. A year earlier, his uncle Mr. Manoochehr Vafaei, was strangled to death because he would not recant his Faith. Mr. Rahmatollah Vafaei was hanged in Shiraz on 3rd March 1983.