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In this interview, Farzaneh looks at what happened to her two brothers, Jalal Kashani who was executed and his younger brother Kamal who was imprisoned. "He gave his life for something valuable, something sacred which is "The Unity of Mankind". she exclaimes. "This makes me strong". The same is true when she thinks of Kamal who is still in prison.

After Sina Ebadi was dismissed from his last year of school in Isfahan, he joins the BIHE and graduates in computer science. He was later accepted at Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia and graduated with Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

In this interview, Mrs Nayereh Kaviani talks emotionally about her beloved father, Mr. Abdulhussain Azadi, and the suffering and strength of her mother, trying to visit him in prison. Mr Azadi was a vet and chairman of the LSA of AkbarAbad (near Shiraz ). He was asked to deny his Faith on four occasions but he refused.
mr. Abdulhossein Azadi was hanged on16th June 1983.

In this interview Saeid talks about how disturbed he was, when he lost three members of his family within two days. His father, Mr. Enayatollah Eshraghi, was an officer in the Iranian Oil Company.
Mr. Enayatollah Eshraghi, was executed in June 1981 in Shiraz.
Mrs. Ezat Eshraghi, and Miss Roya Eshraghi were hanged in June 1981 in Shiraz.

In this interview , Keramat gives a harrowing account of what happened to several prominent Baha'is in Shiraz, most of whom were martyred. Keramat himself was taken to prison, for giving a statement to prominent people, pleading for Justice, written by the NSA. After release, having all his material belongings confisicated by the government, he left Iran with his family.

Azar Ferdowsi has been strugling for a long time to go in front of camera to talk about her father, Mr. Fathollah Ferdowsi. He was a member of Tehran Assembly, who was arrested and spent a short but harrowing time in prison.
Mr. Fathollah Ferdowsi was hanged on January 4th, 1982 in Tehran Evin prison.