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In this interview Mr. Pakrou talks about his uncle, Ehsanullah Kassiri who was a member of the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Karaj.
When he was arrested, his wife asked the revolutionary guard if he can show her any letter regarding the order of the arrest. The guard hit her head with a rifle, saying this was the letter!

Ehsanullah Kassiri was martyred in 1985 without the knowledge of his family and the actual place that he was buried was never found.

In this interview, Mr Shahidi talks about his father, Nematullah Katebpoor Shahidi, with impressive enthusiasm and love. His father's courage, thoughtfulness and fearlessness towards his Faith, have helped him through all his life.

Mr Nematullah Shahidi was arrested in 1981 and It did not take long that he was martyred.

In this interview Mr Saed Sobhani remembers his father, Mr. Nosratullah Sobhani with moving expression.
After revolution, his father felt so deeply to help other Baha'is and he remained in Iran.He was arrested in June 1984, and put in a solitary confinement and was facing torture.
He was hanged on March 5th, 1985

In this interview, Ghodsi Tebyanian talks about her father Mr Vargha Tebyanian who was harassed constantly when he first moved to Fazelabad. He was gradually accepted by the people and very much liked and respected.
After the revolution, he suffered imprisonment on two occasions. while out of jail he was threaten to be killed if he did not leave the country which he refused.
He was executed on June 1981 in Tehran.

Mr Amir Teymoor Fathi served seven years of imprisonment. in this interview he recalls the names of several other Bahai's that he met in different prisons, giving a vivid view of the difficulties they faced. He was eventually released and left Iran for Australia.

When in the summer of 1983, 10 Baha'i women and 6 Baha'i men were martyred in Shiraz, Sahba a young girl living in Tehran, was determined to travel to shiraz and meet with their families. She managed to visit several families of the girls who lost their lives including 17 year old Mona's mother.