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Asad Assadyari is the son of Abdul Ali Assadyari, who was killed in Tabriz prison with many other members of the Bahá'í community. Asad, who actually drove his father to the Tabriz prison personally, helps us understand the horrors of being a Bahá'í living in post-revolutionary Iran.
Mr. Abdul Ali Assadyari was executed on July 29, 1981 in Tabriz.

Faegheh Naraghi Firouzi lost her brother, Dr. Parviz Firouzi and her
father Reza Firouzi.
In her comprehensive interview, she paints a detailed picture of events that occurred almost 30 years ago. Mr. Reza Firouzi was executed on November 9, 1980 in Tabriz.
His son Dr. Parviz Firouzi was executed on July 29, 1981 in Tabriz.

Neda Shahidyazdani is a human rights lawyer. She has spent many years researching and documenting the Iranian regime’s criminal conduct towards its citizens. In this interview she shares some of those findings along with the story of her own family’s scape from Iran.

Farideh Samimi, who still mourns the death of her husband Kamran Samimi, tries to recount his horrible death. Farideh was arrested at the same time as her husband and nine others, and tells the story of spending time in prison with Zhinus Mahmoodi before her execution weeks later.
Mr. Samimi was executed on December 27, 1981 in Tehran.

Dr. Heshmat Shahriari was a prominent doctor in Iran and later, in the United States. After retiring, he published The World in a Mirror, a monthly magazine out of Los Angeles. Being a scholar and a researcher, he spent decades studying the history of the influence of clergy on the late Shah of Iran. In this interview he demystifies some important historical facts.

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