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In this interview ,Mahboobeh talks vividly of the harsh time and continuous persecution of her family, when they lived in Shiraz. With exceptional positive attitude and emotion,she speaks of the love she felt for her father , Mr Ayoubzadeh, whose death was mysterious.

The family eventually left Iran and settled in the United States.

In this interview, Mahboobeh gives a dramatic picture of her life. She lost her father when she was only 6. Later her mother became seriously ill and the children's life became very difficult.
But she had a strong will, studied hard and became a medical assistant. There were few strange and upsetting events happening to her after she got married but she dealt with them with bravery and courage.

Due to great difficulties that her children had at school and university because of being Baha'is, they were sent out of the country, and Mahboobeh and her husband followed them later.

In this interview, Nikan talks about his father, Dr Kambiz Sadeghzadeh Milani with admiration and pride. He became a psychiatrist while in the United State, but he wished to go back to Iran where he can serve his fellow citizens.

in August 1980, when Nikan was only nine years old, all the members of the National Spiritual Assembly of iran were abducted. To this day no one knows what happened to them.

In this interview, Mehran talks about his father, Mr. Jalal Azizi, but also about his wider family that how they helped each other through some very trying times.
Mr Azizi was very active in the Faith and already serving different committees. Eventually he became a member of Local Spiritual Assembly of Tehran, and later joined the National Spiritual Assembly.

Mr. jalal Azizi was executed on 27th December 1981.

In this interview, Mrs. Akhtari looks back at the life of her beloved husband, Mr. Ardeshir Akhtari. He was a devoted Baha'i, truthful and trustworthy.
By the time he was arrested, he was a member of the National spiritual Assembly of Iran. Mrs. Aktari was also arrested for few months, given lashes and solitary confinement.

Mr. Ardeshir Akhtari was executed on 13th September 1985.

Dr. Houshang Khazraee had a clinic in Shiraz and his relationship with his patients was always cordial. He was a member of the Local Spiritual Assembly while in Shiraz and he also joined the National Spiritual Assembly and would travel to Tehran for the meetings.
He was later forced to leave Iran in 1979 and settled in Australia.
Dr khazraee believes that the Baha'is in Iran have been able to stand fearlessly for their beliefs.