160 Years of Persecution: An Overview of the Persecution of the Bahais of Iran, was written by Dr. Vahman, who spent decades meticulously researching and writing this book that documents the persecutions suffered. In this interview, he sheds light on the history and roots of persecution of the Bahá'ís from a scholarly point of view.

In this interview, Vahid talks about his father Mr. Rahmatollah Vafaei, a member of LSA of Marvdasht. A year earlier, his uncle Mr. Manoochehr Vafaei, was strangled to death because he would not recant his Faith. Mr. Rahmatollah Vafaei was hanged in Shiraz on 3rd March 1983.

In this interview, Mehran talks about his father, Mr. Jalal Azizi, but also about his wider family that how they helped each other through some very trying times.
Mr Azizi was very active in the Faith and already serving different committees. Eventually he became a member of Local Spiritual Assembly of Tehran, and later joined the National Spiritual Assembly.

Mr. jalal Azizi was executed on 27th December 1981.

Dr. Sina Hakiman spent almost six years in prison for no other reason than being
Bahá’í. In this interview he talks the ordeal both he and his father endured while in prison together. Dr. Hakiman also describes the execution of his uncles, Jalal Hakiman and Rahmatollah Hakiman, after suffering horrific torture.

Afsaneh Nikakhtar (Farsi)


Rashid Pourostadkar, who was imprisoned and tortured for many months by the Islamic Republic of Iran, tells the story of his brother, Jamshid Pourostadkar, who was hanged at Evin prison on December 9th, 1984.