In this interview, Mr Shahidi talks about his father, Nematullah Katebpoor Shahidi, with impressive enthusiasm and love. His father's courage, thoughtfulness and fearlessness towards his Faith, have helped him through all his life.

Mr Nematullah Shahidi was arrested in 1981 and It did not take long that he was martyred.

Mahnaz Haghpeikar’s story is just as painful as so many other Bahá’í women’s who also lost their fathers. In this interview, Mahnaz details the events that led to the arrest and subsequent execution of her father, Badiullah Haghpeykar.
Baddiullah Haghpeykar was executed on May 8th, 1982 in Karaj.

Kobra Afnai suffered so much from the tender age of 8. In this interview she talks about her father Mr. Mir Parviz Afnani, and her brother Mr. Khosrow Afnani, who were both tragically killed in 1978 because of their Faith.

When Kobra grew up and had her own children, she couldn't bear witnessing them going through the same trouble and persecution that she did. They decided to go to Canada and settle there.

Ruhiyeh Azizi (Farsi)

Ramazanali was among many Bahai members in his Local Assembly who were condemned to death. In this interview he remembers the harrowing days in prison, waiting and watching as one by one, his colleagues and friends were taken to the gallows. He was among the few who survived these horrific executions after international pressure was exerted on the Islamic regime of Iran. Ramazanali Amoui has written about this ordeal in his memoir, Prison Memories of Mr. Amoui (February, 1984 – March, 1989).
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In this interview ,Mahboobeh talks vividly of the harsh time and continuous persecution of her family, when they lived in Shiraz. With exceptional positive attitude and emotion,she speaks of the love she felt for her father , Mr Ayoubzadeh, whose death was mysterious.

The family eventually left Iran and settled in the United States.