Senate Resolution 75 Condemns Baha'i Persecution In Iran: Senators Kirk And Durbin Pass Bill

The U.S. Senate formally condemned the persecution faced by Iran's Baha'i community with the passage of Resolution 75, introduced by Senators Mark Kirk and Dick Durbin of Illinois.
A summary of the bill by the American Baha'i community, states:
“This resolution is particularly timely. With the November 26 release of President Rouhani’s long-awaited draft Charter of Citizens’ Rights, which, by its current terms, fails to protect religious minorities, who are not already recognized under the Iranian constitution, such as the Baha’is, it is important that the plight of the Baha’is is highlighted so as to press Mr. Rouhani and senior Iranian officials to produce a more inclusive charter,” said Mr. Kenneth E. Bowers, Secretary of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States in a press release.
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