Dr. Farhad Sabetan

Dr. Firuz Kazemzadeh

Dr. Payam Akhavan

Dr. Fereydun Vahman

A Quiet Genocide

A Quiet Genocide is a project that evolved out of the mounting concern of alarmed Americans and Iranians appalled by the atrocities committed by the Islamic Republic of Iran against an entire group of people, members of the peace-loving religion, the Bahá’í Faith.

Although we, the producers of these series, are not members of the Bahá’í Faith, we cannot stand by silently without protest while these people, renowned for their ethics, community spirit and active kindness, are victimized, terrorized and even killed. Therefore, in the spirit of awareness, social justice, human rights and basic decency, we created this online repository for the often chilling stories of the abuses this group has suffered

On this site, victims of these ongoing human rights abuses, persecution and attacks can make public their testimonies, describing for historical record and global awareness the ordeals they have suffered at the hands of this regime

This site functions as an informational and archival source for anyone interested in this alarming aspect of the Iranian government's past and ongoing human right abuses against Bahá’ís. All are welcome to peruse its pages and make good use of the knowledge contained herein.

If you are a Bahá’í and you or someone in your immediate family has been harassed and persecuted by the Iranian government, denied rights, imprisoned, tortured or executed, we invite you to CLICK HERE to contact us to arrange a filmed interview.